The Rule Book

Format Rules

Curiosity Format is a combination of Limited and Constructed.
Deck Requirements:
All cards must come from the same set.

  • 40-card minimum
  • 3 Rare/Mythic (singleton) (UP FROM 2 FOR WOE!)
  • 8 Uncommon (2 copies maximum of any one uncommon)
  • Unlimited Commons (3 copies maximum of any one common)
  • Unlimited Basic Lands
  • 8 card sideboard (no rarity restrictions, but deck must meet the above requirements after sideboarding)

Curiosity uses only cards printed in paper—no rebalanced or digital-only cards.

Rares and mythics are limited to singleton across main and sideboard. Similarly, Uncommons are limited to 2 copies max per individual card. The exception is a card whose rules text states your deck may contain as many copies as you want, such as Dragon’s Approach. Relatedly and by way of example, as it pertains to lessons, you can go learn a rare lesson, you cannot learn the same rare lesson twice

Current Suspended Cards: None | Current Banned Cards: None

Tournament Rules

Each week’s tournament is three rounds of Swiss. The winner is the Crowned Cavedweller for the week. The lowest scoring player is the Ooze.

Suspended/Banned Cards: Following the guiding principle of accessibility, Curiosity will never have a long list of banned cards for a given set as it creates more confusion for new players. The suspension/banning process strives to provide a shake-up to the meta and encourage creativity, rather than punish players or certain archetypes. Rares and Mythics in the winning deck for a given week are suspended the following week. After that weeklong suspension, if the card is in the winning deck’s mainboard once more, it is banned for the remainder of the season and any throwback events. Commons and uncommons may be subject to suspension or banning at the Curiosity Integrity Committee’s discretion.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction

  • Breaking News and Big Score are legal at the rarity printed in those sets.

Murders at Karlov Manor

  • List and Special Guest Cards are legal at the rarity printed in MKM.

Wilds of Eldraine

  • Enchanting Tales are legal at the rarity printed in WOE.

March of the Machine + Aftermath

  • Multiverse Legends are legal at the rarity printed in MOM
  • COMPANIONS ARE LEGAL. If played in mainboard, the card counts as a mainboard rare/mythic slot. If played in sideboard, does not count toward rare/mythic slot. Companions in the sideboards of winning decks are subject to suspension/banning like other rares/mythics in a winning deck.
  • Aftermath cards will be added to cardpool in Week 3.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Specific Rules

Shambling Ghast is banned.
Inferno of the Star Mounts is banned.
Ebondeath, Dracolich is banned.

Strixhaven Specific Rules

All Mystical Archive cards are legal at their respective rarities in Mystical Archive.

Kaldheim Specific Rules

Koma, Cosmos Serpent is banned.

Zendikar Rising Specific Rules

Legion Angel

There may only be one copy of Legion Angel included in both the main deck and sideboard, just like any other rare or mythic.

Ikoria Specific Rules

Zenith Flare is banned.