Set Booster Box Prize

Play the Curiosity MTGA Format during the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt season and you can win an Innistrad: Crimson Vow set booster box.

How you ask? Each week you play during Curiosity MID you will get one ticket to win the VOW set booster box prize. The more you play the more chances you get to win!

This is open to everyone in the world. If you live in a weird place where we can’t get a set booster box for VOW to you we will get you something MTG equivalent to you.

No, I ain’t ordering something in the States and shipping it to you. I want an easy, go to a website and click purchase, and have it directly sent to you. EZ Dubs for me.

NOTE: In order to win you must watch the Cavedweller Clash Live! If you are not in The_itta’s or SwordsandStatutes stream chat when the winner is announced then we will pick someone else.