Team CAT Draft Club

Team CAT has been running Magic: The Gathering tournaments since early 2020. Below is a list of common question we have collated from our experience and hope that it will help alleviate some issues you may have playing in ours or other events.

General Event Information

  • What is Team CAT Draft Club (TCDC)? TCDC is a weekly skill-based draft tournament for Magic: The Gathering streamers and content creators.
  • When is this event? Every Wednesday, unless otherwise announced. Pod(s) fire promptly at 7pm ET. Please be on time.
  • Where do I sign up? First, join the Team CAT Discord and then you will need to make a Matcherino account. Each week, a signup link will be dropped in a designated discord channel and you will be alerted.
  • How does the event work? At 7pm ET, you will join the draft lobby and then proceed to draft your deck. You will then export it to Arena to play your games.
  • How are brackets organized? What does it mean that the event is skill-based? With TCDC, your record determines your placement. Unlike other pod drafting stream events, a person new to drafting won’t be paired against a hall of famer. Instead, you are paired with players of similar skill and similar records into a pod.
  • Are there prizes for this event? We receive some gems from our collaboration with Matcherino, but that is not guaranteed. We are actively seeking other sponsorships. Email if you are aware of anyone who may be able to help with prizing.
  • Do I need to stream? TCDC is a content creator exclusive event. It is heavily encouraged that your stream or utilize your games for some form of content.
  • How can I help? Tell your friends and fellow content creators about TCDC! If you are down to spread awareness it would be cool if you had “Draft Club” in your title. Coverage will be on the official Team CAT twitch channel and a recap of the two final games will be posted to our Youtube channel.

Drafting/Technical Questions

  • How do I draft online? About an hour prior to 7pm ET, a draft link will be dropped in your designated pod discord channel. That will take you to the draft website. You will need to enter your name in the top left. After clicking the ready up prompt, you will be presented with card choices just like in a real draft. Those cards are put below the picks and you can construct your deck there.
  • How do I export my deck? Click the Arena logo. Do note that the export brings over excess lands. It is recommended that you build your deck inside the draft app. If you remove a card from your deck in Arena, you will need to put it in the sideboard so that you can swap out in games 2 and 3.
  • How do I find my opponent’s Arena id? Click the Arena icon next to your opponent’s name on Matcherino to copy their Arena username.
  • I can’t connect to my opponent.
    • Did you and your opponent:
      • Ensure that you and your opponent chose the same challenge type (Limited tournament match)?
      • Enter your opponent’s Arena name exactly as it appears? MTGA usernames are CASe seNsitiVE.
      • Try adding your opponent as a friend and then challenging them? Adding as a friend will help you in future events and is likely the most stable way to challenge.
      • Try exiting the application and restarting?
  • How do I communicate with my opponent and tournament staff? Please keep all communication to discord so everything is in one spot. If you message someone on Matcherino they most likely will not see it because Matcherino alerts go to email.
  • What if I’m late? Can I still play? Please show up 5 to 10 minutes early so the event can start right at 7. PLEASE RESPECT everyone’s time. If your match hasn’t started within 5 minutes of round postings PLEASE alert tournament staff.
  • My deck is horrible, I’m 0-2, and I want to drop. If you see yourself at 0-2 after round two and you just don’t like your deck please do not drop because you hate your deck. You have one more match to prove your worth! Also your opponent signed up to have some fun and as they are also a content creator, you are ruining their storyline for the night.
  • Wait! There’s something else I don’t know! Feel free to ask tournament staff any questions not covered here via DM or in the Draft Club channels.